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The only guys I will see to keep me injury see and performing at my very best in & out of the gym

LS , Luton

I can't speak highly enough about this company. The guys are professional and friendly so immediately put you at ease. They find the best solution to meet your individual needs and they've always done a brilliant job for me.

KD , Swindon

Had excellent service from Doug when my achillies went, and when I pulled my hamstring during the Fathers race at my Daughters school sports day!!
i can't recommend Doug and his team highly enough

NM , St Albans

Highly qualified,Excellent knowledge base coupled with a very personal down to earth approach. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. The difference I've found with Daryl is the in depth knowledge that he has with exercise and specifically Yoga/Pilates not just how to treat the body which is invaluable for anyone seeking not only to heal themselves but avoid repeating old patterns.This alone sets Moveology apart from any physical therapist I've come across

MB , St Albans

Very professional and made me feel comfortable when having my treatment. Would recommend to anyone! Amazing work!

MS , St Albans

I have been involved with sport for many years. I attend the gym 3 times a week, where I have a personal trainer for one session, and run up to 10K twice a week. for a few years I have been getting hip pain. I have had hip pain for many years, but slowly pain began to occur in my knee and my neck. I have been to see a number of sports massage therapist and osteopaths, who seem to keep the discomfort at bay but not get rid of it. My personal trainer suggested that I give Daryl a try. We sat down and started to discuss all of my problems. He made me feel at ease immediately and assured me that my training would continue. Daryl informed me that my neck and knee were of a result of a compensatory pattern I had adopted. After two sessions I started to improve and was left with only the hip problem. After two more sessions there was only minimal relief. Daryl discussed the issue with me again and asked if there was anything else that had happened in the past no matter how insignificant. After thinking for a while, I remembered that when I was 4 years old a car hit me. I was told not long after the incident that I had fractured my skull and that I was unconscious for some time. After that session, Daryl implemented a new plan where everything started to heal a lot quicker. I now feel that Daryl had identified the main cause of all my pain issues and has enabled me to train pain free, something that I haven’t done in 15 years.


After attending Daryl’s classes, I decided to go to him to sort out my lower back and pelvis issues where other practitioners have failed. I have had discomfort ever since giving birth to my first child. Daryl was able to determine, after some excellent analysis, that pregnancy was not the primary cause of my issue it had to be something else. After analising my gait, he saw that my head was always forward. He was able to guide me and realize that the issue stemmed from when I was a teenager, where I was involved in an unfortunate incident when a rounders’ ball hit me between the top of the nose and eye socket. I had remembered that for almost a year after I would suffer from headaches and have the occasional blackout. When Daryl diagnosed the root cause he then proceeded to treat me. He was able to treat my skull and neck and gave me specific exercises to teach my body new and better habits to hold onto. I am no longer in discomfort and can now run happily with no pain. I strongly recommend going to Daryl, as he is determined to get to the bottom of your problem, and uses his vast knowledge to help you understand the issue and empower you to handle the problem.

DB , St Albans

I went to Moveology after having a pain in my finger that I'd been told could be coming from my neck. I was given a full review, looking at how my body moves to identify the issue. This resulted in a series of sessions to correct muscular problems which involved deep tissue massage, osteopathy and muscle building in the gym, to help my body to work as it should do and relieve the pain and muscle issues. Throughout every stage I had everything explained (fascinating!) and felt comfortable with every decision and action. I even had acupuncture a couple of times too for relieving deep tension in muscles. It was always a very friendly and comfortable environment and got fantastic results. I went back again to get help when I injured my wrist falling down some stairs! I highly recommend the guys here

RM , St Albans

I recently went to see the guys at Moveology as I was experiencing pain in my back whilst walking. Doug recorded me walking and then we did some static tests, then a foot scan using a pen and paper. He noticed that I wasn’t able to move my left shoulder easily while walking. He asked me to lunge forwards and back on to my right leg while he placed wedges under my feet and observed movement or lack of movement in my front foot. He then noticed that one of my toes was bending at an odd angle when he would’ve expected my shoulder to move. By holding my toe in place to stop it moving, my shoulder started to move!! After working on this for a little while Doug got me to walk and hey presto! My shoulder is now moving correctly when I walk. This was just the start and 4 sessions later my pain had vanished and so far has not returned

BM , Watford

Couldn't have won it without you Doug - you know I had done absolutely zero swim training, so I relied purely on our strength and movement work! (Shu Pillinger – 2013 GB National Ultra Triathlon Champion)

SP , St Albans

Case Study

Helping a tennis coach to get rid of his lower back and leg pain and return to full movement

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