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Our unique service

a progressive way of working which gets more complete results by blending a whole range of skills drawn from

  • osteopathy
  • soft tissue therpay
  • medical acupuncture
  • gait analysis
  • and the innovative
  • AiM approach

Our unique service

improvement through movement


conditions the mind and body
to accept and adopt ideal,
natural movement patterns

Enhances original movement and helps achieve performance goals


run coaching, agility drills, movement pattern reinforcement drills, strength
and conditioning exercises


by assessing how your injury affects your overall movement we tailor our approach to achieve your full movement range

improves movement and reduces risk of recurring injury


movement drills, exercises, stretches,
k-taping, articulation


addresses the cause and accesses the body's natural healing processes

Relieves symptoms and improves quality of movement


deep tissue work, adjustments

Case Study

Helping a tennis coach to get rid of his lower back and leg pain and return to full movement

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Start of Ashridge Duathlon.
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Such a great time giving post race massage to some great athletes this weekend.

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